Best Open Computer Case
Best Open Computer Case

There are hundreds of PC case designs out there, but only a select few have made it to the top. The best open computer case is an important piece of hardware in any PC build. Choosing one can be a daunting task.

Computer cases are essential if you are into PC building and upgrading. When you are on the hunt for one, you’ll quickly realize that there is a lot of choices. There are hundreds of models available to choose from. This guide will walk you through the process of choosing the cheap open computer case for your needs. It will also provide a personal review for three cases that I strongly recommend.

if you build a gaming computer, you know the value of an Affordable open computer case. As computer components are integrated into one unit, the quality of the case becomes increasingly important.

The case can not only protect your components, but it can also give you a general impression of the computer. Of course, not every case is successful in doing this. In this article, we will take a look at some of the perfect open computer case on the market.

Best Open Computer Case in 2022

1. Thermaltake AH T600 Helicopter Style

If you’re looking to build a gaming PC and have a small budget, then you still have options. Thermaltake has released its new AH T600 Helicopter Hard Gaming Case.

Thermaltake has always been making some of the most innovative computer cases. Whether it was the Level 10, the Core P100, or the Core V71, Thermaltake has always been pushing the envelope. Now they released the new AH T600 Helicopter style computer case.

Thermaltake AH T600 is an interesting concept designed by a company in Taiwan. The idea is to mimic a helicopter with a computer case, they have even managed to fit in an actual propeller. The main feature of the case is the use of a propeller that is attached to a system of chains as a cooling system.

Today we are checking out a new computer case from Thermaltake, the AH T600 Helicopter Style Gaming Case. This case is designed to be a gaming case and is geared for the gamers in mind. It has built-in lighting and a carry handle that can hold up to a 17″ laptop.

The Thermaltake AH T600 is a great case for those of you looking for something different for your next build. It is a helicopter-style case that comes in 4 different finishes (gunmetal, black, silver, and red). We have tested it on the airflow and cooling front and have the results for you below.

  1. Unique design that screams showpiece
  2. For the most part, tool-free modularity
  3. Supports large E-ATX motherboards
  1. Internals could get dusty easily

2. In Win D Frame Mini

In Win is a company that has been making high-quality computer cases for a number of years. They were one of the first companies to make cases that were designed for gamers.

Today, we are taking a look at their D Frame Mini computer case. This is a really unique case that makes a great addition to any desk. Here is our full In Win D Frame mini-review.

Looking at the In Win D Frame Mini computer case, the case looks very similar to the In Win D Frame Mini ITX computer case, with a few differences.

The In Win D Frame Mini is a quality gaming computer case, is also affordable, and with a little modification can be made into an excellent water cooling computer case.

InWin has not just made a computer that is compact and stylish, but also one that is quiet and will not give you any reason to worry about its performance. With the InWin DFrame Mini PC, you get a compact computer that has a more open approach to looking at things.

  1. Solid construction with welded aluminum and tempered glass.
  2. Easy to move and carry.
  3. Ample room for water cooling, full-length GPU, and cable routing.
  1. Poor Cable management system
  2. Poor sound insulation

3. Thermaltake Core P3

If you’ve been looking for a small form-factor gaming case then the Thermaltake Core P3 is a good option to consider. The Core P3 is a fairly small case and is capable of fitting in a power supply, an ATX motherboard, and a full-sized graphics card.

The Core P3 features a new vertical 3-D mount structure, creating ample space for high-end hardware. The modular drive racks allow users to efficiently mount their storage drives with ease.

Thermaltake is a well-known brand of computer cases and has been a producer of high-quality PC components for years. The Core P3 is one of their latest offerings and it has received many positive reviews from the tech community.

The Thermaltake Core P3 has been getting rave reviews since its release and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to review it. I’ll take you through some of its features and why I think it’s one of the best cases on the market.

Thermaltake has been on a roll lately. The company released a new lineup of products including the Thermaltake Core X9 computer chassis. This is a high-end computer case that supports E-ATX motherboards.

  1. The case looks beautiful if you’ve put some conscious effort into your hardware setup.
  2. It’s not too expensive, considering the fact that it has native AIO liquid cooling.
  1. Components of the system unit will inevitably gather dust, No room for additional system fans

4. Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX

Today we review the Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX computer case. This case is a mid-tower case and can fit all current ATX, SSI CEB, SSI EEB, XL-ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. This case is made of SECC, SPCC, and plastic.

The Core P7 E-ATX is a whisper-quiet full-tower chassis that features a max-ATX motherboard and a massive triple-fan cooling system for enthusiasts who are looking to build a powerful and classy system.

But many enthusiasts have forgone full towers in recent years in favor of smaller mid-tower cases. Thermaltake’s Core P7 is a full tower from the company’s Core P Series that looks to help people who want big cases but still want to keep their systems compact.

The Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX computer case is a bit of a departure from their recent line of cases. It is far more streamlined and is less “futuristic” than in previous cases.

A few years back they made a line of cases with more of an industrial/futuristic look to them, and they were not that popular. They appear to be returning to a more conventional, cleaner look.

  1. solid vertical gpu mount
  2. plenty of space to work around
  3. fantastic cable management area
  1. Takes up a lot of space

5. Cougar Conquer PC Case

The Cougar Conquer PC case is one of the first Cougar cases I have reviewed in the past few months. Cougar has made their name in the gaming community, but with the Conquest PC case, it’s about to make a name for itself in the world of gaming cases.

Cougar Conquer is the latest and greatest gaming case. It comes fitted with a side panel window and tempered glass on the front. It supports up to 5 fans and has a roomy interior with a lot of space for all your PC components.

Gamers are always looking for the most powerful hardware and are willing to spend a lot of money on their PC. Cougar, a new hardware manufacturer from Taiwan, knows that there is a growing need for an affordable and powerful gaming PC case and has come up with the Cougar Conquer.

The Cougar Conquer is affordable and comes with a lot of features. I received this product at a discount. However, the discount is not the reason I rated this product the same as its competitors. In my honest opinion, this case is just good. Nothing more, nothing less.

  1. Thick glass side panels
  2. Extreme cooling performance
  3. Excellent construction quality
  1. Our sample had a single major defect
  2. No Dust Filtration

6. Thermaltake Core P5

Thermaltake is one of the biggest manufacturers of computer cases, CPU coolers, and power supplies in the world. Their current case lineup includes high-end, mid-range, and basic models.

But there are so many choices for consumers that it’s hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a new case. So let’s take a look at one of Thermaltake’s latest mid-range cases, the Core P5.

Thermaltake has been one of the most popular names in the cooling space and they are back with a new product. The Thermaltake Core P5 is a case that challenges the status quo. Most cases are made with glass on the side, but Core P5 features a new design – there is glass at the top and bottom of the case.

Thermaltake has announced the Core P5, its latest addition to the Core P Series family of PC cases. Measuring 235mm (W) x 510mm (H) x 510mm (D), the mini-ITX gaming chassis supports the latest ITX motherboards and all high-end graphics cards such as NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti, along with custom liquid cooling solutions.

The Core P5 is the latest in the Core P Series lineup. In this blog we’ll take a look at the previous Core P Series cases and how the Core P5 sets itself apart. We’ll also be taking a look at the new Core P5 model and how it’s a solid choice for any user looking for a budget-friendly case.

  1. Ample space to hide cables.
  2. Modular design gives you several build options.
  3. Maximum visibility for components.
  1. Does not support most AiO coolers


In this post, we went over my preferences for the best open computer case. As you can see, there is a lot of options to choose from. Not all cases are created equal. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend, how much space you need, and what you are looking for in a computer case.


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