Surely you have thousands of doubts when you are thinking of buying a best computer case for airflow 2018 in 2021 we have prepared this buying guide for you.

Sometimes the major computer brands don’t offer exactly what you need. Hard core gamers, image and video editors and complex data processors can build with the affordable computer case for airflow 2018 they want using one of these boxes. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate and care for whatever hardware package you need.

This list of the cheap computer case for airflow 2018 is packed with the best technology on the market. As you know, we offer you a list of the best computer case for airflow 2018 that you can buyBut, what are the best computer case for airflow 2018 brands in 2021 , and you can also check our selected list of the best computer case for 2021 best computer case for editing

Best computer Case For airflow 2018 in 2021

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900
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1. Best computer Case For airflow 2018 – [Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D]

There are big cases; then there are bigger cases. Actually, describing this box as large would be an understatement. The Corsair 1000D is larger than what many would define as a full tower.

 It is so gigantic that Corsair calls it a super tower. It’s a gigantic computer case, ready to house the biggest and baddest systems.

At an impressive 27.3 ″, this super tower has enough space to house 18 fans and up to four massive radiators simultaneously. In addition to incredible cooling capacity, the 1000D features a unique three-chamber design with convenient French door-style storage compartments and telescopic radiator trays for easy installation.

It is such a massive box that it can house both a full E-ATX frame and a mini-ITX frame at the same time.Since it’s 2021, of course, there’s also an RGB-lit front I / O panel with built-in smart lighting and fan control courtesy of Corsair’s Commander Pro controller.

 The Obsidian 900D has long been one of the best options for massive builds, and it stands to reason that the 1000D is coming to unseat it from its throne.

  1. Supports almost any crazy build
  2. Can house an E-ATX and Mini-ITX mount at the same time
  3. Supports dual 480mm front radiators
  1. Space eater

2.Good computer Case For airflow 2018 – [be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900]

Initially known for its quiet power supplies and fans, Dark Base Pro entered the case market with a big splash and has done well in a short period since the launch of its first case in 2014.

One of the newer cases The company’s Dark Base Pro 900 remains one of our highly recommended complete towers thanks to its sleek design and enthusiast-friendly interior.

The box is one of the most modular we have seen. You won’t find too many rivets on it. Instead, almost all the panels can be removed, making this case a modder’s dream.

There’s also a wealth of customization available with options for an inverted motherboard layout and even some nifty features like Qi wireless charging and pre-installed LED lighting.

The Dark Base Pro 900 is large enough to support the largest motherboards and radiators up to 420mm in size. It’s a massive, complete tower that can support just about any custom cooling you can dream of.

It also looks very classy, ​​with a few color options to liven things up.  , the Dark Base Pro is a rare box, but it comes with all the bells and whistles to make it worth your while.

  1. Highly modular
  2. Qi wireless charger
  3. Extensive cooling support
  1. Modular = complicated

3. Budget computer Case For airflow 2018 – [Thermaltake View 71]

Now that RGB is firmly ingrained in the mindset of computer builders, tempered glass cases are clearly more than just a fad.

 The View 71 of Thermaltake has four tempered glass panels to show your skills with LEDs, and comes with three RGB LED fans preinstalled.

The View 71 RGB is the perfect full-size tower for RGB enthusiasts. The tinted tempered glass does a great job of making the internal lighting stand out.

And unlike other tempered glass cases we’ve used, the View 71 comes with hinged doors, so you don’t have to remove the entire glass panel every time you want to make a change.

The box also includes a vertical support for the GPU and ample support for liquid cooling for all-in-one and custom loops. If you want a large box with e-ATX bracket to display your components inside, the View 71 is the way to go.

  1. Tons of tempered glass
  2. Includes three RGB LED fans
  3. Very modular box
  1. Somewhat reduced air flow through the glass front

4. Affordable computer Case For airflow 2018 – [Phanteks Enthoo Elite]

When it comes to computer cases, Phanteks is one of the most underrated brands. The company is a bit newer to the market, but they’ve done a fantastic job making things easier for first-time builders and enthusiasts alike.

The Enthoo Elite is one of our favorite full-size towers.Phanteks was one of the first manufacturers to include pre-installed cable management ties.

This little feature makes a world of difference when it comes to the tedious task of keeping cables in check. The box also offers great flexibility, making it ideal for all types of large builds.

The case comes with a 200mm fan on the front panel and a 140mm fan on the rear. This is enough to provide a bit of airflow in the case, but the top panel allows you to take things even further by supporting a radiator up to 420mm in size. The Phanteks Enthoo Elite is a fantastic value and is robust enough to support a wide variety of full-size mounts.

  1. Great cable management
  2. Supports various liquid cooling options
  3. Big and affordable tower
  1. Outdated aesthetics

5. Cheap computer Case For airflow 2018 – [Phanteks Enthoo Evolv iTX]

The best computer tower in our comparison is Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X. This model stands out for its internal design, high-quality cable management, excellent fan hub design, can hold 19 units, dual system support and also has a spectacular interior lighting system

Phanteks is one of the best brands in the business, and for good reason: the Dutch company makes amazing boxes, and the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X is no exception.

Successor to the excellent Evolv ATX, this new version updates an excellent case, but makes it even more versatile and attractive.

Despite being classified as an intermediate tower, it is not only compatible with E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, but also with the dual system, thanks to the optional ITX upgrade kit, although this also will require Phantek’s Revolt X PSU.

While it may not be as big as other high-end cases, it’s not always a bad thing, the Evolv X can still pack six SSDs and four 3.5-inch drives, or you can buy the extra caddies and increase that number to nothing. less than 19 units.

There’s also support for radiators up to 420mm at the front, 360mm at the top, and a 140mm radiator at the rear, as well as up to seven fans (three included).

Cable management, which is always a highlight of Phanteks boxes, is as excellent as ever in Evolv X. Velcro straps and tool-free panels help hide all the messy wiring, the latter of which is used to contain the six SSD bays.

Other features include built-in digital RGB lighting, a USB 3.1 gen 2 port, built-in fill and drain ports for water-cooled, dual tempered glass doors, and an efficient universal fan hub that is practically hidden on top of the interior of the Case.

 You also get the usual excellent Phanteks manual and accessories including a vertical GPU mount and an anti-sag mount for your graphics card.

The worst thing about this tower may be the high price. It costs around 200 euros, so it is not cheap, and perhaps some of the optional extras should have been included as standard, but it is still cheaper than some high-end competitors. It is also far from the best when it comes to thermal performance. However, it is still a fantastic model.

6. Recommended computer Case For airflow 2018 – [Cooler Master Cosmos C700P]

The C700P , like the original Cosmos, is one of Cooler Master’s largest cases and comes at an equally high price.

The premium case maintains the same handlebar design as the original but adds some modern touches that make it one of the most beautiful cases we’ve seen.

A pair of inconspicuous RGB light bars at the top and bottom of the case illuminate the exterior in a stylish way that doesn’t distract from the overall build aesthetic.

Another improvement over the original is a new curved tempered glass panel that shows a magnificent interior.

As you would expect in a premium box, the new Cooler Master Cosmos is compatible with the highest-end components, including E-ATX motherboards, multiple oversized graphics cards, and radiators up to 420mm in length.

The only minor issue we found with size and capabilities is the potential power and accessory cable routing issue with specific motherboard tray configurations. It would be great if Cooler Master included some extensions for this.

  1. Integrated RGB lighting system
  2. Adjustable motherboard layout
  1. Possible obstacles in cable routing

7. NZXT H700i

One of our favorites is the latest H700i of NZXT , launched last year. The ease of assembly and the satisfaction it provides are second to none.

NZXT markets the H700i as a “smart” case, thanks to the inclusion of a new smart device (Smart Hub) which works with the company’s CAM software.

This device acts as a controller for both the digital fan and the RGB LED and uses machine learning to find the perfect balance between noise and cooling for real-time fan speeds.

The  H700i generously includes four pre-installed fans and two RGB strips to take full advantage of the capabilities of the integrated smart device.

These features already differentiate the H700i from the rest, but the cable management on the rear is the main attraction of this case. Four different cable routing channels with integrated fasteners make the computer building process simple and extremely satisfying.

8. Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE

The  Obsidian 500D Corsair took everything we loved about the 900D, added a lot of modern updates and took him to a smaller format and accessible mid tower.

Like its predecessors, the 500D offers a stylish blend of tempered smoked glass and polished aluminum for a premium look.

As expected from a modern Corsair case, the 500D and the new 500D SE offer full support for liquid cooling and convenient cable management options.

The latter (500D SE) replaces the aluminum front panel with more smoked tempered glass and features a built-in version of Corsair’s RGB LED / Fan Controller along with three pre-installed addressable RGB LED fans. The end result is an iconic case that is as aesthetic as it is functional.

9. Cooler MasterCase H500M

The  H500M of Cooler Master is the latest case mid tower company logo, but really prefer to be called a “full-sized tower.” Measuring 21.4 x 9.8 x 21.5 inches, the H500M is the largest mid tower on the list.

Thanks to its large size and internal design, it allows easy assembly and supports a wide variety of components and custom cooling options.

The H500M comes with two massive 200mm RGB LED fans installed that do a fantastic job of increasing airflow out of the box. Other modern touches include a USB 3.1 Type-C connector and modularity galore, including the option to choose between mesh design or tempered glass.

The only major observation with this case is the lack of easy-to-remove magnetic dust filters for the front fan inlet. Fortunately, the meshes in the entire H500 line have a secondary filter layer that will help keep dust out of its structure.

10. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Speaking of spacious builds, the  Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D is a gigantic computer case ready to house the biggest and best systems.

 At 27.3 ″ tall, this “super tower” case has enough space to house 18 fans and up to four massive radiators installed simultaneously.

In addition to the over-the-top cooling bracket, the 1000D features a unique three-chamber design with convenient storage compartments and telescopic radiator trays for easy installation.

 Since we’re in 2018, of course, there’s also an RGB I / O front panel, with intelligent lighting and fan control, courtesy of Corsair’s onboard Commander Pro controller.

The Obsidian 900D has long been one of the best options for huge, over-the-top builds, and it was to be expected that the 1000D was designed to dethrone it.

Buyer Guide

How to choose the best computer case?

Until the late 1990s, computer cases had the characteristic rectangular shape because all CPUs had that design.Over the years, this momentous part for the computer began to be designed smaller .

This forced manufacturers to create boxes adapted to these novel measures to protect computers.In addition, they began to take into account all the extra tools that can be purchased today and that enhance the operation of the computer, such as graphics cards .

That is why, today, we find computer cases that take all these issues into account (such as cables, connectors and others), in their sizes.

How to choose the size of the box?

To buy the best computer case for our equipment, it is necessary to take into account a series of important considerations so that the size is adequate.The objective that we must pursue with this acquisition is not only to increase computer security, but it has to be a tool that improves the experience .

In other words, that it does not bother us and allows us to use the computer without any problem, with the certainty that the entire structure is secured.

Good ventilation

A good computer case is one that significantly improves air circulation inside the computer.Poor ventilation is likely to cause the equipment to overheat , which can end the life of the device.

Fortunately, we found computer cases with built-in fans that optimize air circulation , allowing heat to be easily expelled.The best designs are those that maintain space with those areas where all the pieces are connected.

This aspect is crucial because the larger the space, the less chance there will be of overheating that will affect the operation of the computer.On the other hand, many people buy and install special fans to improve air circulation.

This is very common in gamers and designers who use the computer for several hours a day.That is why boxes have appeared where you can incorporate more fans so that air circulation is not affected.


The computer cases on the market are generally built with steel, plastic and glass, although the best ones are those that use thick steel plates in their construction .

Preferably, you have to opt for those that are made of a material known as SECC (zinc-coated electro-galvanized steel).But, in addition, the best computer cases are at least 0.6mm thick because it ensures that they are strong enough.


It seems obvious, but there are not few who buy a box and when they cover their computer they realize that it does not fit .Therefore, taking into account the brand, plate, model and size of our computer is essential before the acquisition.

In this regard, it is also key to think about whether in the future we are going to buy, or already buy, graphics cards, fans or other accessories .In these cases, the box may not fit and we will have to re-acquire a new protective structure.

Connection options

USB ports, eSATA, HDMI connectors, headphones, microphones … all these aspects must be taken into account before buying the perfect box for our computer.In this aspect, there are some that bring special controllers that are very useful to improve ventilation .

Dust filters

In addition to properly ventilating the computer, computer cases are extremely useful for keeping them clean as well.In recent times, products of this type have appeared with included dust filters that help prevent the equipment from getting dirty and even insects from appearing.

Cable space

A box that has adequate space for the computer wiring is also an important aspect.At this point, it is good that it has a designated area in the back , so that the cables do not disturb.

Noise and ease of maintenance

You have probably had some experience with a noisy box and you know that, in addition to being very annoying, it can be harmful to your computer .Poorly designed equipment ends up generating more heat because its components are poorly placed

So that this does not happen, it is essential to opt for a computer case that has good stability , that is, that the parts of its grooves are well adjusted.On the other hand, the best products on the market are designed with a large space inside that facilitates the exchange of cards and peripherals .

 Connection options

In order not to fail in the purchase, it is essential to take into account the number of connections, that is, the number of devices that you connect regularly.This is so that the computer case can cover every aspect of the computerwithout problems , which will undoubtedly give you greater peace of mind.


There are really many things to consider when buying a cheap computer case for airflow 2018. Some cabinets even offer a sound dampening feature that will make the overall system quieter under load. In short, the box that you really have to buy is the one that suits your needs.

By the way, do not forget to pay attention to the affordable computer case for airflow 2018 either, although it seems silly since it is only the element that “wraps” your hardware, it is not. There are certain brands that pamper more every detail and with quality materials, while others that simply offer you just enough to house your hardware.