Best Opened Computer Case
Best Opened Computer Case

With the explosion of gaming and the demand for quality gaming setups, the number of best opened computer case has also grown. There are so many computer cases to choose from, with each having its own unique features.

A great opened computer case is an enclosure that houses all the major components of a computer. It has been designed to protect them, giving them in effect, the ability to operate reliably.

In addition to the essential function of housing the computer parts, it also serves other purposes. It can be used as a medium to showcase your PC components and also add a certain look to your desktop.

We’ve talked about what a computer case can do for you and why you need one. Now, we’ll take a look at the different types of perfect opened computer case on the market and what factors you should look for when shopping.

Best Opened Computer Case in 2022

1. Thermaltake AH T600 Helicopter Style

Thermaltake AH T600 is Thermaltake’s first gaming-use tower chassis, which supports the D-type ATX motherboard with an embedded vertical graphic card mounting bracket.

The AH T600 is designed with a PC builder and DIY enthusiasts in mind, using an advanced and minimalist design to match and beautify any modern space or setting.

Thermaltake is a world-renowned name in the gaming, enthusiast, and DIY computer hardware industry. They have been producing high-quality, high-performance, and high-reliability products for over 13 years now.

The Thermaltake AH T600 is a mid-tower computer case that comes in black with red LED lights. It has room for up to six 120mm fans and has a windowed side panel. It also has many drive bays to support many hard drives and SSDs, which makes it a great computer case for many setups.

The Thermaltake AH T600 is a basic mid-tower computer case that is designed for users who are looking for an affordable and good-looking case on a budget. Here is a look at some of its main features, what sets it apart from similar cases, and an overview of its main shortcomings.

  1. Supports large E-ATX motherboards
  2. Almost entirely modular design
  3. For the most part, tool-free modularity
  1. Weighs smartly over 20kg when fully constructed
  2. Very limited airflow thanks to the open-opinion make

2. In Win D Frame Mini Case

If you’re looking for a mini case that supports custom liquid cooling, then In Win D Frame Mini Case might be the case for you. It’s a simple but effective case that looks cool and can be modded. This post will look at the In Win D Frame Mini Case in more detail.

The In Win D Frame Mini Case is an all-aluminum opened computer case. It has a unique way to install the motherboard and an interesting cooling system. This will be a close look at the case.

The In Win D Frame Mini Case is made of aluminum and has a design that is rather unique. It has a pair of doors that swing open, one at the top and one at the front, providing easy access to the interior.

This blog will look at In Win D Frame Mini Case which is one of their latest case designs. I’ll be looking at this case and then seeing how easy it was to build a computer in it.

  1. Ample room for water cooling, full-length GPU, and cable routing.
  2. Solid construction with welded aluminum and tempered glass.
  3. Sturdy open-air design.
  1. Fragile tempered glass.
  2. No active cooling fans included.

3. Thermaltake Core P3

Although the Thermaltake Core P3 can be easily mistaken for many other computer cases on the market today, there are many things about this case that do make it a step above the rest.

This case is powerful and can give you an edge in the gaming world. No more can you have a computer that cannot keep up with your gaming needs.

The Core P3 is the third generation of the Core series that Thermaltake has been creating. This new generation is much smaller than its predecessors and we will be taking a look at what has changed with this third generation.

Thermaltake has been keeping busy over the last few years with a wide range of cases for all manner of rigs, we’re particularly taken by the Core P3 though, a mid-tower that’s as feature-packed as it is affordable.

The Thermaltake Core P3 is a small Mini-ITX chassis that is made for both water cooling and air cooling systems. It has an understated design that I think will appeal to most people. The case itself is small, measuring in at 6.

  1. High-quality workmanship, unusual design,
  2. Modding Options, Unique Style,
  3. Perfect to show off your hardware,
  1. Instructions could be better

4. Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX Case

Computers are now an integral part of our lives, and these computers need to be housed in a safe and protected environment. The Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX Case allows you to do just that.

The Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX Case is a great computer case. It has many features and functionalities, and it is quite easy to install a computer into it and to hook up the cables and wires.

Thermaltake is known in the PC world for its power supplies, cases, and cooling products. Most recently they have released their new Core P7 E-ATX Case. With a price tag of $119, it is well within reason for a very high-quality case.

The Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX case is an innovative chassis design that allows for five pre-installed fans for optimal airflow. This blog will walk you through the features and functions of the Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX case.

The Thermaltake Core P7 is a pre-built computer case that houses all your hardware while giving you the option to customize it with your own internal setup. The Core P7 comes in Black, a color that looks best with most custom setups.

  1. room/hardware for open loop cooling
  2. solid vertical gpu mount
  3. plenty of space to work around
  1. metal bracket inside the case is completely pointless

5. Cougar Conquer PC Case

The Cougar Conquer PC Case is the newest offering from their gaming series. It comes with a new design and many new features which improve the overall experience of gaming. In this article, we explore its features and review how it fares in comparison to the other gaming cases.

We’re excited to be launching a new product, the Cougar Conquer PC Case, which is a great custom PC case for high-end gamers who want a powerful and functional case without breaking the bank. We created this blog to tell you a little more about some of the great features of the case and how you can get one.

The Cougar Conquer is an awesome opened computer case. There are a lot of different cases on the market but not many compare to the Conquer. This is an awesome case for a gaming PC or for a workstation. It comes in three different colors in a mid-tower and a full-tower.

The Cougar Conquer is a new gaming PC case that was able to grab an Editor’s Choice award right off the bat. The design is sleek and it’s an ideal case for a gamer looking to have a solid gaming PC.

It’s also pretty reasonably priced considering what it offers. This Cougar Conquer gaming PC case review will look at the features of this case and give you an idea of what it can bring to your system.

  1. Thick glass side panels
  2. Excellent construction quality
  3. Extreme cooling performance
  1. Our sample had a single major defect
  2. No Dust Filtration

6. Thermaltake Core P5

PC cases come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to find one that suits you. This blog will look at the Cougar conquer PC case, which looks at a mid-tower case that is said to deliver excellent cooling performance. The cases come in three different colors and it will be interesting to see if this case is able to deliver.

This post will give you information on the specifications of the case, what you get in the box, and it will also take a look at the build quality. Then we will take a look at how well the opened computer case performs as a mid-tower case.

Everyone wants to keep their hardware safe from the perils of life, and the Cougar Conquer series, with its durable steel construction, is a great choice. This series comes in four different models, which take into account all kinds of preferences and price ranges. In this blog post, we will explore the models and review them, so you can choose the right one for you.

There are many options out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a opened computer case that has the style, looks, and performance that you want. Here is a look at the Cougar Conquer PC case.

  1. Holds a lot of hardware
  2. I/O panel with four USB ports
  3. Can be wall-mounted
  1. No support for mounting optical drives
  2. Geared toward liquid-cooled PC builds

Buyer Guide

1. Cable management

Check to make sure your case has cut-outs on the motherboard tray. These will help you route your cables through it discreetly so that they aren’t visible. It’s better if no one notices them or even realizes they’re there out of sight, in mind.

More expensive options are going to have holes that are formed into rubber grommets which will keep them neatly in place and easy to hide inside rather than simply being punched right through the top of the motherboard tray for you as budget opened computer case tend to have.

2. CPU cooler cut-away

Speaking of the motherboard tray, some nice opened computer case come with a large cut-out in the section behind your processor, which lets you replace your PC’s CPU or CPU cooler without tearing through your entire motherboard. It’s not a feature you’re likely to need often, but if you do it can take the hassle out of an otherwise stressful situation.

3. Front-panel connectivity

If you’re building a computer, the thing you have to pay attention to is probably ports. When buying a opened computer case, see if it comes with a couple of USB-A Type 2.0 ports in the front for convenient access when plugged into a keyboard and mouse.

Modern cases may even come with USB-A Type 3, USB-C, or fan controllers that can help users control the temperature inside their computers. Some cases will come with RGB lighting capabilities too – all available at your fingertips!

4. Fans and airflow

Fewer fans may lead to less airflow, which can make your PC work harder than it needs to. We recommend at least two fans in a PC set up, one front intake and one rear exhaust.

This ensures optimum airflow in an opened computer case that helps regulate temperatures and ultimately prevents overheating in your system. Some budget cases ship with only a minimum of cooling fans but don’t worry because you can always add more later if needed.

5. Sound-dampening

Soundproofing in audio equipment helps to keep your speakers functioning properly. It’s typically a process filled with materials that help sound waves transition more smoothly, which can also be applied to improving the sound of integrated speaker systems on desktop computers using the same principle.

Heat sinks play an integral role in this process as they help to dissipate excess heat produced by a processor situated within a computer tower.

6. Tempered-glass panels

Much newer opened computer case include panels consisting entirely of tempered glass, presenting an unfettered look at your PC’s inner hardware, albeit at the cost of airflow.

It looks quite amazing and is quite stunning but one should think about how it will affect the airflow inside your opened computer case before going with this design. And if you do – it can make for a really awesome look!


An enclosed computer case is one of the most important parts of a computer. It houses all of the major components. It has been designed to protect them, giving them in effect, the ability to operate reliably. A best opened computer case can make all the difference in the world for a computer. From the case you need to purchase to the case, you need to build. The opened computer case you want will depend on your budget, the components you want to install, and what you want to do with it.


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